Tuesday, April 10, 2007

That's a lot of sugar!

I am now in the habit of checking SlickDeals.net daily after I found an awesome offer on there for ShoeBuy.com. But today (4/10/07) one of the postings leaves me in a quandry. According to one of the "deals" one can get 12 pounds of gummy bears for the measly sum of $22.00 at a shop on Amazon.com. Now, I am a gummy candy afficinado; that being said - 12 pounds is an awful lot of sugar! I think I shall have to pass on this "deal" considering it would ultimately conflict with my lower carb diet. What does one do with 12 pounds of gummy bears?


Ribbon Rock Star said...

WHAT?? 12lbs! I am all over that!!!

Going to check it out now....lol


Angie said...

Man...that kind of makes my jaw hurt just thinking about eating that many Gummy Bears!