Thursday, April 5, 2007

I'm helping climb a mountain

Well, figuratively at least. Rich's new company has these little contests that it participates in. Twice a year, the area businesses do a "wellness" challenge in which they compete against other businesses for some small prizes but mainly bragging rights. Employees and their spouses can participate. The spring challenge is a "Mountain Climb". For every 15 minutes of activity you complete, you log 1 foot up the mountain. Every two weeks there is a new mountain to climb. We are climbing Mount Everest until the 15th of April. So far, I've logged a pathetic 6 feet (the contest started on Monday). I'm hoping my competitive nature will kick in, but it's been hard with this snap of cold weather. Now, if they only counted chasing a toddler around as an activity, I would be at the top of the mountain by now!

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Jen said...

Emma's teacher sent home a chart that says 20 minutes of recess equals the equivelant (sp?) of 1 mile of walking. I'd say chasing toddlers has to rack up several yards worth of mountain climbing! Sound like a fun incentive though :)