Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Taking team loyalty to an extreme!

Last night Ian and I sat down to play a board game. He chose to be "yellow" and I just reached in the box to grab the first color and pulled out "green." However, I was informed that I could not be "green" as that would make the colors on the board "packers" colors and that would be bad. He's such a smart boy!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My daughter, the hot dog snob

Since Kyra turned a year old, we have been dealing with allergy issues. At that time, she seemed to be allergic to wheat, milk and sometimes egg. They weren't horribly severe, but they were bad enough for us to consult an allegist. Since she was on the "low" end of the scale in terms of her reactions, he recommended we keep her diet free of wheat and dairy and then in a few months, start incorporating to see what happened. We have slowly been adding things and luckily, she seems to have outgrown the allergies for the most part.

Feeding a toddler with allergies is no easy task - especially when she is allergic to wheat. It's practically in everything under the sun! I came up with a fairly comprehensive list of all the foods she could have and it made grocery shopping a lot easier. The only brand hot dog we found she could have without breaking out into hives was Hebrew National. Now that her allergies have relented a bit, I scaled back just a bit and got beef Ball Park Franks. Will she eat them? Of course not! I have created a hot dog snob!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Ian is a math magician

After Ian got home from school today, we went through our normal routine of going over his homework for the day. They are getting ready to start a new math unit and so the teacher sends home a "Family Letter" to explain what they will be learning (actually, I think it is to secretly remind parents that we need to "brush up" on our own skills so that we can help with homework). The next unit is going to be multiplication and division.

Now, Ian is extremely talented in math. He just "gets" it (and he certainly doesn't get that talent from me). So, at dinner I said, "so you are going to be doing multiplication and division - sounds like it's going to be tough." In his best exasperated voice he tells me, "Mommy, I already KNOW how to multiply and divide. I'm a math magician!" I honestly think he was trying to say "mathmatician", but it came out so cute!

And now if you will excuse me, I am going to go practice how to multiply and divide (without a calculator).

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Now that was fun!

Rich has switched jobs quite a few times in the past. Each company has its own pros and cons. Unfortunately, the cons seem to pop up well after he accepts the offer for emplyment.

The last few companies he has worked for have been duds, to say the least, in terms of company activities. In fact, when he mentioned the words "Mastertaste" and "party" in the same sentence, I always cringed. It's not that I didn't appreciate the thought, but the actual "party" was usually pretty bad. For example, last year, they had to hold the company picnic on a weekday (a Friday) and pay the employees to attend! When 4:00 rolled around, the place became a ghost town! Nothing like forced "bondng" with your co-workers.

So, last October when Rich made the move to Red Arrow, he informed me that they held employee "outings" just about every month. I groaned at the thought, but it would be a good way to get to know people. So far, we've been to the Christmas party, ice skating and now last night - cosmic bowling. But what is different from past copany events that we have attended is that these employees WANT to be there! It makes such a difference in the way the evening goes.

Last night, they rented out an entire bowling alley. There was tons of food and, as we have found out quickly in this part of Wisconsin, you can't have a party where there is not free-flowing beer. So, not only was it an enjoyable night out for Rich and myself, it was also an inexpensive one. We had a blast bowling in the dark while 80s music blasted all around us. Seriously, I felt like I was back in the upstairs gym of my high school. We also had a great group of people on our lane and that made it even better.

So now I'm ready for the next Red Arrow outing. Looks like we've finally found a "winner".

What would you call this?

Seriously. Off the top of your head, what is the first word (or 2 words) that come to mind?
To me, this is a water fountain or drinking fountain. Always has been, always will be. It can look like this, it can be one of those porcelain things, but this will forever be in my mind a water fountain.
Ah, but imagine my surprise when I am at school with Ian last week and he tells me to hold on a second - he wants to get a drink from the "bubbler". What have I done to my child? He has adopted a "Wisconsin" word. True, he has lived in this state for almost half of his life, but I would think I could "protect" him from such things. Oh well, at least we have still managed to keep him a Bears fan!

Friday, February 23, 2007

No one else thinks this is silly either

I signed Kyra up for Kindermusik classes for this spring. She's always dancing to various songs on the TV or radio, so I figured this would be an opportune time for me to "formalize" her music training. She's a little on the young side - the recommended age for the class she is in is 18 months; however, after talking with the teacher, she said that the two months wouldn't be that big a difference. I can say that after 3 classes, she's actually "getting" it. The first class, she just kind of ran around and didn't know what to think, but after a couple more classes and some practice at home, she's starting to mimic the other kids in the class. It's really a neat transformation to watch even if she still doesn't want to participate 100% of the time. It's also refreshing to be rolling around on the floor with 10 other mommies who don't find this to be silly in any regard.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Easily amazed

Last week I finally got aroudn to throwing some stuff up on eBay. I always have the best of intentions yet I somehow never quite get around to taking the pictures and getting the listings ready. Somehow the thought of saving 10 cents on my listing fees lit a fire under me and I took four quick pictures and put the stuff up for sale.

Now, I have a simple eBay philosophy: price it low and the bidders will come. As such, you will typically find that most of my auctions start at the rock bottom price of 99 cents. Sure, every once in a while I get bit and don't get as much as I anticipated, but for the most part, I find I get a "fair" price once all is said and done.

In my current lot, I listed some stamping supplies and a few punches that I have found I either don't use anymore or have found newer/better things to replace them with. One of the items was the Stampin Up ink caddy that I "had to have" when it first came out. I had a good "party" so I didn't end up paying full price for it but it still just sat for the most part taking up valuable space in my scrap room. In checking the past auctions on eBay, I found that I would be happy if I could get what most of the used ones were going for. Imagine my surprise when it closed and the final bid was only $10.00 less for what you can buy it NEW - and that doesn't include shipping. Needless to say, I am pleasantly surprised. In fact, all of my auctions ended at prices that were far better than I ever expected.

Of course, I already have my eye on some other scrapbook supplies . . .

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We have a culprit!

I officially know now that my illness was not all "in my head" or "just a virus" as the doctors kept trying to tell me. The throat culture taken on Sunday finally came back today and I have group "G" strep which is apparently not as common as group "A" strep which causes strep throat. I have a small sense of vindication as I am now off to get the antibiotic that I wanted LAST week!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Maybe the third time will be a charm?

So I have had this awful ear pain/throat thing going on since last Tuesday. I will spare you all the gritty details but it hasn't been pleasant. Finally, I went back to the walk-in clinic yesterday and the doctor proceeds to put the fear of the Lord in me that I probably have mono. Well, at least now we are getting somewhere. What are my treatment options? Go home and gargle with salt water. NICE! So glad all those years of schooling can allow you to give me such a concrete "treatment".

So, I call this morning to get the results of my tests and you guessed it - everything is "normal" so I should just get over it and move on. Oh, but if I want to, I can "come back in" to the clinic if I still feel something is wrong. Maybe they will give me some leeches this time!

I have sworn off the walk-in clinic and I have an appointment this afternoon to see an ear, nose and throat guy. Perhaps the additional schooling he has done will give him a little more insight, though I highly doubt it.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mario versus Mozart

Today I was downstairs with Ian, Kyra and Rich and we set up the Donkey Konga game for the Nintendo gamecube. I am definitely NOT the most gifted when it comes to videogames; however, this is a fun little game. Instead of a controller, you use bongos and pay attention to the signals on the screen whether to hit left, right, both or clap. The music is fun too - it has some current stuff, some eighties music (think Devo - "Whip It"), Nintedo Music (theme from Mario Brothers, Pokemon, etc.) and it even throws in a couple of classical pieces.

As my turn comes up, Mozart's Turkish Waltz comes on. Ian says "Oh, it's a song from Mario Dance Dance Revolution." I tell him it's a classical piece by Mozart and he just looks at me and says, "yeah, but it's by Nintendo, Mommy!"

So, as much as I appreciate the fact that Nintendo incorporates some music appreciation into their videogames, I wish my son actually knew the composer rather than what videogame it is associated with. One of these days he will. Until then, he will continue to think an Italian plumber with incredible leaping ability also knows how to write a decent song!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Doesn't make sense to me

I have been selling some stuff on eBay lately. Mainly it is just gently used scrapbooking items that I have found replacments for and I want to clear out some space (while making a little to buy more scrapbook stuff). I try not to charge outrageous amounts for shipping - in fact, if I am looking for something on eBay, I will not bid on an item if I find the shipping quote is beyond reasonable (after taking seller fees into account).

I am selling some punches right now and those buggers are heavy, so even in my auction listing, I justify the shipping price because of the weight. Today, I got an e-mail from someone asking me if they could "pick them up" if they won the auction because they couldn't see paying the shipping. SHE IS HALF WAY ACROSS THE STATE!!!! Part of me wanted to say "sure, pay $2.29 a gallon for gas, the wear and tear on your car AND let's not forget your time (because it would have taken her about 2 hours to get here)." I doubt she would be "saving" anything on shipping and they would probably get to her the next day anyway. In the end, I kept my comments to myself and just told her that I do not allow for pick-ups. I don't know about you, but I really don't want random strangers I sell stuff to on eBay knowing where I live.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

For those of you waiting . . .

to see what my Thursday has in store for me this week, I "decided" to beat Thursday to the punch and went to the clinic yesterday! I thought I had an ear infection (because it feels like someone is stabbing me repeatedly with an icepick) and I had all sorts of fevers and chills (I told Rich I was "burning for him" on Valentine's day). In any event, no ear infection and the rapid strep test came back negative so I just have, in the words of the doctor, "a bad cold". And Rich wonders why I hate to go to the doctor!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

This magician got more than he bargained for!

Yesterday we went to Ian's Blue & Gold dinner for Cub Scouts. The pack hired a magician/comedian to come and entertain everyone between the meal and the awards. Of course, you can't have a magic show without a few volunteers. Ian raised his hand so many times and finally the magician selected him for his "finale".

Up goes Ian to the stage. Now, what this magician did not realize was that my son is the biggest ham in the world and he had a whole room to entertain. I think the magician was regretting life when he realized that Ian quickly took command of the stage. Needless to say, this boy may have a future in stand-up comedy!

Friday, February 9, 2007

I am quitting Thursdays

Yes, it has come to my attention that I need to avoid Thursdays all together! Last week, as I was preparing for garbage day on Friday, I tripped on the one step going out to my garage and with all the grace of one of the hippos in tutus in Fantasia, came down on my left foot at a weird angle. A few hours later, I could hardly walk and it resulted in a trip to the Urgent Care where I was x-rayed, given a set of crutches and sent on my way into the icy night. The foot healed and the crutches didn't last long (thank goodness) and I put the episode behind me.

Then yesterday I was putting away some of my recent scrapbook purchases and I decided that it was finally time to change the blade in my trimmer. Having switched blades many times before, how difficult could this task be? Well, my public service announcement for the day is to be careful - those trimmer blades are sharp! Yep, I sliced my thumb up pretty good. It's funny how something so small can hurt so much!

So, in order to prevent myself from losing a limb, I am trying to devise a plan to skip Thursdays altogether before I lose a limb. Either that or I really need to stock up on my first aid supplies!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Oddly addicting television

Superbowl Sunday was finally here! After I returned from church this morning, our TV was tuned to one form of pre-game show or another. I just never can get enought of the little storylines that go along with the big game (and, did you all catch that bit on Peyton Manning taking tango lessons?).

My mom called during the pre-game because she knew that I wouldn't pick up the phone once the game came on and she informed me that she was watching Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl III". Who was the marketing genius who came up with this one? Let's put oodles of puppies in a pen painted like a football field, throw in some random toys and fake crowd noise and film it for general viewership. However, we began cutting over to it on every pre-game commercial break. Not only was it "action packed" but they featured instant replays and "Bowl Cam" (Do I really want to see what it looks like to have a dog drinking water from underneath?) I also wonder how much they paid the guy in the referree shirt to come in for water time-outs or puppy substitutions. I do have to say the "Kitty Half Time Show" sure beat that sorry excuse for a half-time show put on by Prince. I'll take cute animals over a gender-confused, past-his-prime eighties flashback any day.

Alas, my beloved Bears choked (as they were expected to by every major sports analyst). There is always next year (especially since Bret Farve feels he hasn't thrown enough interceptions). I am happy for the Colts and Peyton, but I do certainly hope my two favorite teams never meet in the Superbowl again anytime soon.