Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Taking risks

I don't find myself to be a risk taker. I'm an "err on the side of caution, better to be safe than sorry" kind of gal. When I go to Vegas, I play the penny slots. Plain and simple, I'm just a risk wimp. Sometimes just the smallest thing like starting up a conversation with someone I don't know can twist my stomach in knots. I spend so much time thinking of ways to start the convesation, that by the time I get around to actually opening my mouth, the person is long since gone.

Anyhow, I will get on with my point. Kyra and I have taken to going to Toddler Story Hour at the library on Wednesdays. It's a nice place to get out of the house to and there are other people there with children of the same age. Still, I am surprised that people don't really "talk" to each other. True, we are busy chasing a bunch of 18-36 month olds so they don't destroy the library, but there always seems to be time when the kids are playing quietly at the train table to strike up a conversation. (Of course, I'm talking to myself in my mind, trying to work up the courage to say something.)

For the past few weeks, Kyra has been "parallel" playing with another little girl. They don't particularly acknowledge each other's existence, but they don't seem to mind sharing the crayon box either. The little girl's mom seemed very friendly - she at least says hello (which is a big step in the right direction). So, anyhow, today after the story time (during which Kyra proceeded to go right to the craft table), the girls were busy playing with farm animals. I finally got up the courage to ask the mom if she would like to get together for a play date if the weather ever got nicer. It was like some huge cloud had been lifted. You see, they had just moved to the area from Iowa and she was finding that she was having a hard time meeting people as well. So, we are armed with each other's phone numbers now and the promise of some potential play dates in the coming weeks.

Honestly, I don't know why I don't take risks more often.

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