Thursday, April 12, 2007

I've never been so glad to see lettuce

Since I started my plan on Monday, I finished up my "introduction" phase yesterday which consisted of nothing but protein. It's not altogether horrible (since I've done this before and I knew what I was getting into) but it does lack a certain bit of, well, variety.

So, today I was able to get back to more "normal" foods and I had a great sesame ginger chicken salad for lunch. It wasn't anything fancy, but it sure did taste good and it was nice to have a variety of textures and shockingly, my body did not go into revolt for having something green.

I know low-carb isn't for everyone, but I was telling Rich the other night that it is amazing how hungry eating carbs makes me. Since starting the plan on Monday, I haven't really felt the need to snack (other than the allowed) between meals and I actually feel full. Now, I just need to keep that in mind as I stick with it.

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