Friday, April 27, 2007

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Wendy to name 10 weird things about myself. So here goes:

10. I have an irrational fear of kidney beans.

9. I cannot stand anything orange flavored (it goes back to when I had to drink way too much Hi-C orange before my first ultrasound with Ian).

8. I have never seen the Sound of Music, but I know quite a few of the songs.

7. I cannot stand to see a tube of toothpaste that has been squeezed in the middle. I will squeeze it from the bottom up until it is "right".

6. I cannot take wet sweaters out of the washing machine. The texture creeps me out.

5. When I play euchre, my partner and I must sit in a fashion that would be perpendicular to the nearest bathtub. I also never put the 4 of the scorekeeping cards on the bottom.

4. I won't sit down at a slot machine that hasn't paid anything.

3. I am extremely frugal except when it comes to scrapbook supplies.

2. I do not like chocolate.

1. I have a very off the wall sense of humor.

I tag Angie, Stephanie, Arlyn, Susan, Alice, Donna and Jen (and anyone else who reads this).


alg35536 said...

Now how did you know I was going to read this, lol. Now I have to think of 10 things, hmmmmmmm,,,,,,

scrapper al said...

Kidney beans, eh? And other beans are okay?