Sunday, February 10, 2008

Now that was a throwback!

Today we had Ian's birthday party at the local roller rink. YES! They still do exist in some parts of the country complete with those gaudy tan rental skates with orange wheels! Of course, there's a lot of in-line skaters too, but for the most part, everyone was wearing traditional roller skates. The music has changed a bit too. I mean, there's something missing when they play Crazy Frog's version of "We Are the Champions" rather than Queen's. I should have requested "Another One Bites the Dust" for old time's sake.

Everyone in our family donned a pair of skates - including Kyra! I was amazed at how well she took to the skates. Her favorite part was actually "falling" while one of us held her hand. By the end of the session though, she was able to move around the rink without hanging on to either of us (though we did follow closely behind her to make sure no one ran her over).

Ian loved the party even though he had a couple of hard crashes. He thought it was his best birthday party EVER!


Margie said...

How fun! See you Tuesday.---M

scrapper al said...

Glad the kids had fun!