Friday, February 22, 2008

How much do I love thee, Jon Bon Jovi?

After two months of anticipation, I finally got to go to the Bon Jovi concert last night. I do not believe words can adequately describe the concert - so many good songs, so many memories and then there was JBJ on top of all that! Here are a few of my observations of the evening though:

1. When did I get so old? When did people start using their cell phones instead of lighters to "light up" for the encore?

2. Richie Sambora has a really great voice even though I missed Jon on "I'll be there for you."

3. Am I being to "frugal" to refuse to pay outrageous prices for concert apparel? $45 for a TANKTOP!!! Rich thinks I am still stuck in "80s" concert pricing.

4. It saves time and expense when you run a tad late for the show. We were the next car to go in to the parking garage when they put up "the cone". Instead we drove a few blocks away, found a free spot on the street and were on our way home on the interstate probably before we would have even left the first level of the parking structure after the concert.

5. There are men who still believe in mullets.

I just want to thank Rich so much for indulging me with these tickets. I had a most excellent time.


Betsy said...

So, Jon doesn't sing that song any more, just Richie does? I loved Bon Jovi when I was growing up. He was the "hottest" group. "Never Say Good-Bye" was my fav!

Margie said...

Hey I saw plenty of big 80's hair on some of the ladies as well.