Friday, February 15, 2008

Entertaining for both a mom and a two-year old

Yes, Kyra has been struck by the ick bug yet again this week so we have been under house arrest for the past two days. She's finally starting to feel better and in general has been a trooper though she really wants to go outside and romp in the snow.

Anyhow, this morning the boxes arrived from my Pampered Chef catalog show. Kyra views any box that arrives via mailman, FedEx or UPS as a present for her. I was super excited to get these boxes because they contained my new cookware. I decided that it was time (after almost 12 years since my bridal shower) to get new pots and pans.

Kyra was all too eager to help me unpack the boxes and clean out my cabinets. With every lid or pot I pulled out, she would say "hey look! a pot!" As a bonus, she also got the Teflon "sticker" from the inside of each pan. She looks like a walking billboard for Dupont right now. So, I have my new cookware, Kyra has her stickers and all is right with the world.


Angie said...

You'll have to post how you like them! I am excited to get mine. Of course, I won't be posting about it though. LOL

scrapper al said...

Cute! Enjoy your goodies!