Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ok, this might not be for those who are a tad squeamish as myself, but here's my latest . . .

Last night, I came home from coaching Ian's DI practice with 2 hungry boys (Ian and his friend, A) as well as a somewhat clingy Kyra. BUT - I had the foresight to know that Tuesdays are hectic and had already planned in advance and had 40 Clove Garlic Chicken ready for dinner in the crock-pot. I decided to make Rich's and mine into wraps with some roasted peppers, spinach and lettuce. So, Rich comes in as I am in the course of chopping up the chicken and of course, I managed to dice my left thumb courtesy of my new Pampered Chef utility knife. Despite my best efforts to get it bandaged up, I decided it might be best to take a trip to the walk-in clinic since we wre going trhough the bandages at a rapid pace. So now, I have two stitches and a heavily bandaged thumb. The doctor said it was a doozy of a cut, but he was impressed with the clean cut of the Pampered Chef knife. Maybe I should go see him the next time I have a catalog show.

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Heidi, Heather and Ronda said...

Too Funny Becca:) I hope it heals well I myself have been a victim of Pampered Chef knives before so I feel your Pain:)