Sunday, February 3, 2008

But she still doesn't want to miss church!

Well, we had a fun morning - NOT! We drove to church this morning and right as we pulled into the parking lot and I turned off the car, Kyra threw up! YUCK!!!! At least she wasn't in the nursery yet! So, we turned the car around to head home yet the whole time Kyra is screaming "I WANT TO GO TO CHURCH!" While I admire her willingness to go, momsense prevailed and she came home to take a bath and get a dose of Tylenol. (Of course, I did bring her back a new VeggieTales from the church library when I went back for second service).

And lest we forget the other "player" in this drama, Ian gets a hi-5 for his commentary on the way home: "I think I'm going to breathe through my mouth now." I love that little guy!

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scrapper al said...

Hope Kyra is better soon. And Ian is too funny!