Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Today is Valentine's Day and it's always difficult to find something for Rich given that he is not an easy person to shop for by any means. So, about a month ago, I saw a blurb in the local paper about a local a cappella group doing a fundraiser for Valentine's Day. For what was, in my opinion a very reasonable price, a barbershop quartet would show up at the appointed place and timeframe to sing a love song and give the recipient a card and a rose. For a jokester such as Rich, it could not have been a more perfect plan! Even better - I didn't even give a hint as to what was in store for him today. Luckily, one of his co-workers had her camera and snapped a few pictures. He called me at 9:20 to let me know I had officially embarrassed him (but we all know he LOVED every minute of it!).


Margie said...

Oh I love it! I saw that ad too, but thought that B would kill me if I sent them to his office. Hope the kids are doing better this afternoon. We sure missed you today and the cookies were awesome. Take care my friend.

Angie said...

I was at a book study at our church today when a quartet showed up to sing for one of the people leading the group. It was cute. :)