Thursday, March 22, 2007

Product placement

Ian has been battling a cold all week. Yesterday he started with his cough. I always dread when he starts coughing because usually it turns into pneumonia, so we started him on Albuterol last night. I just knew he wasn't going to be feeling well in the morning and would probably keep him home from school. Sure enough he was in our room at 6:15 to let us know he wasn't feeling good.

I was able to get him in to see the doctor and thankfully it has not developed into pneumonia (yet). However, she did prescribe him Pulmicort to try to heal his lungs quicker. After Kyra's nap, we went to the grocery store and I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and have it filled at their pharmacy. Of course, they don't stock it! UGH! So, my attempts to multi-task were thwarted so off to Wal-Mart we go.

After dropping off the prescription and doing some shopping, we head back to pick it up. I think the whole city of Manitowoc is sick judging from the length of the pharmacy line so we wait. And what does an 8 year old do when forced to wait in an excessively long line? He wanders up and down the aisle looking at the pretty packaging - on the CONDOMS!!!! Thankfully, he did not start reading the labels out loud else I would have had to have made a swift bolt for the door!

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Angie said...

kids are something else, aren't they? LOL

Hope he gets better soon!