Monday, March 19, 2007

Feeling the buzz

If you ask my husband about my caffeine habits, he will go on a long diatribe about how I drink entirely too much coffee and Diet Coke. Anyhow, this morning I decided to treat myself after grocery shopping to a Starbucks. Since I usually don't go "high octane" I find myself buzzing all over the place now. It's kind of a fun feeling, but I know I'll be coming down sometime soon. But that caramel mocha latte was just oh-so-tasty and it makes me happy. I decided I should perhaps compose an ode to it on my blog so I went to the Starbucks website to get a little picture of a Starbucks cup for the blog when I found this nifty little designer cup. If you are a Project Runway fan, it is designed by Michael Knight who was a finalist last season (and my personal favorite). Anyhow, I figured this cute little cup was better than any ode I could come up with so I will go back to my little buzz.

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