Thursday, March 8, 2007


Last night I had the option of going into work last night or tonight. Since the Extreme Crop at Lifetime Moments starts at 8:00 pm CST tonight, I figured it would be nice to be home to get a jump on things. In addition, Rich has been wanting to go see 300 so he asked me last night if he would mind if he went sometime this weekend. I told him, by all means, go on Friday night after the kids go to bed, I was planning on scrapbooking anyway.

So, today we are out at our weekly lunch and I happened to mention that this weekend is the Extreme Crop. His response was that he now knows why I didn't "object" to him going to the movies.

He really doesn't mind and it was all in fun, but there are times (especially after the kids are in bed), that I just want to escape to my scrapbook room and have some quiet time to myself.

So, if you don't hear from me this weekend, please know that I am spending some quality time with my scissors!

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Indiana Amy said...

Completely understandable!