Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'll see your finger splint and raise you . . .

Last week, the bad year for our family's hands ran on when Rich broke his finger on the lazy river (yeah, I'm still not going to let him live that one down). But having met the family deductible for our insurance this year already, I couldn't let him one-up me.

Yesterday my thumb that I cut in my prior accident began to hurt in the afternoon. By the time Rich got home from his trip, it was swollen, red and hot to the touch. Rich passed me the walk-in clinic frequent flyer card and I was diagnosed with cellulitis and given some antibiotics but was also told to return if it got worse.

Fast-forward to this morning when I can barely lift my arm above my head. A return visit to the walk-in clinic ensued where I received an IV infusion of some stronger antibiotics, an IV catheter for my return trip to the walk-in clinic for another antibiotic infusion and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon for Monday.

Now, I just have to make sure that Rich steers clear of all power tools so he doesn't try to outdo me on this one!


scrapper al said...

Ouch!!! Hope the antibiotics do the trick.

Angie said...

Yikes! I hope you get to feeling better very soon!