Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 3rd Edition

Thirteen Things about Becca

After much pondering, this week's theme is :


1. Lifetime Moments: My favorite scrapbooking souce. A great selection of products and awesome customer service.

2. Gymboree: seriously, what little girl doesn't NEED an outfit with a matching turtle purse?

3. Amazon: it doesn't take much to hit the free shipping mark for me on this one!

4. not only do they send out frequent coupon codes, but with free shipping and free returns, you really can't go wrong when you have freakishly large feet such as mine!

5. Target: whether in person or on the web, I love Target! Plus, when I shop on the web, that darn Dollar Stop doesn't snag me! (Once again, what little girl doesn't need a complete set of Curious George stationary items)

6. Kohls: Since the nearest Kohl's is 25+ minutes away, it's nice to be able to have things delivered directly to me.

7. Old Navy: cute things for the whole family!

8. New York & Co.: Let's admit it, I never shopped here prior to my being a loser because nothing in this store would have ever looked good on my old body. My how things have changed though!

9. Ebay: when you just HAVE to have something, you can usually find it.

10. Bath & Body Works - who cares if I will never use each and every bottle stowed away beneath my vanity - it smells sooooooooooo good!

11. Trader Joes - too bad the nearest one is over an hour away! Of course, when I plan my trips, I get to hit the Cheesecake Factory too! Bonus!

12. Tastefully Simple: I guess it's not really a store, but they have awesome products. Thankfully, I hae a consultant who carries an inventory and she usually has retired products that I love!

13. iTunes: I love being able to pick and choose my music!

Thanks for peeking!

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Jenn said...

iTunes, Ebay and Target are bad news for me. I am way too weak not to over spend.

Neen said...

I enjoy some of those stores as well. if you ask my 6 yr old her favorite store she will tell you Kohls. I think it is too funny.

mom huebert said...

You're right. Amazon and iTunes are great! Especially if you live out in the boonies like we do.

Gray Matters said...

You're so right - I just bought my little girl that turtle purse!