Saturday, April 26, 2008

On The Run Again

Today I participated in the Crazy Legs Classic in Madison. Wow! The weather was quite brisk! I'd never run an 8K before, so I was having a little anxiety not to mention the fact that there were over 10,000 runners. Rich, Ian and Kyra also participated in the "walkers with accessories" category.

The results are in (thanks to the nifty little shoe timer thing-a-ma-bob). I finished with a time of 44:24 leaving me in 4598th place. In my age class, I was 183rd out of 673.

After the race, we walked back to the square and spent the rest of the afternoon with our good friends S, B & M. Now, however, my legs feel a little like warm Jello. I don't think I'll be working out tomorrow!

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Angie said...

Congratulations!!! Good job on the hard work!