Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do As We Say and Not As We Do?

I truly believe my picky childhood eating habits are coming back to haunt me in my children. Ian is such an unbelievably picky eater. Last week, things came to a head and I vowed not to become a short order cook. In fact, he had to eat Friday's dinner for breakfast on Saturday morning.

Fast forward to dinner last night. I fixed stuffed peppers which were very yummy (or at least I thought so). Now, I knew that Ian would never touch them so I used a portion of the ground turkey and I made a pasta bake with the leftover marinara. Ian and Kyra loved it. What I didn't expect was Rich wrinkling up his nose at me! Well, at least he was a good boy and ate the "stuffing" but no dessert for him! (He has painful childhood memories of being forced to eat stuffed peppers that he neglected to relay to me).

I guess this recipe gets cut out of the meal rotation!

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scrapper al said...

Gosh, I love stuffed peppers! I don't think my mom ever made them, but I remember my folks buying them once precooked from a deli or something. I had heard of them, but had never tasted them. I thought they were the greatest thing!