Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 4th Edition

Thirteen Things about Becca

This week's theme is :


1. Pampered Chef Ultimate Mandolin

2. Mushroom Xpress: it's great for strawberries too!

3. Apple Wedger

4. Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

5. Salad Chopper

6. Kohls

7. George Foreman Grill

8. Magnetic Knife Rack

9. Bamboo spoons: more durable than cheap wooden spoons and you can put them in the dishwasher!

10. Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Soap

11. Micro Cookers

12. Stoneware Medium Bar Pan: I have quite a few stoneware pieces, but this one gets the most use by far

13. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Thanks for peeking!

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Lisa said...

Ok, I love my apple wedger (the only way my kids will eat apples) and the George Forman grills!

Happy TT!

Kat said...

OH...I am so addicted to Bath and Body Works soap! And I agree about the medium bar pans. I have the large one...but we have a convection I can't fit two in my oven at the same time. But I can fit two of the medium pans in. But I love my small one, too. We actually have two of them for the toaster oven. Much faster to cook it there if it's just a little something...

Patty said...

Great list!

Ashley said...

Great list! I love Pampered Chef products so much, I became a consultant! I'd have to say the stoneware and the Executive Cookware are my favorite things. Maybe I'll do a list of my 13 favorite PC products one of these days... Thanks for the idea!

I'm also a participant in Menu Plan Monday. I'll have to be sure to check out your menus.

Monday through Sunday said...

Anything Pampered Chef..LOVE! I also love my KitchenAid!! Great list!

Chris said...

I also love my mandolin and kitchenaid stand mixer. I'll have to try some of the others. Happy TT!

Jenny said...

or just a plain old blender. xD

great post. happy TT!

Angie said...

I use our microcookers (we have a couple) all the time. Love them! They are always big sellers when I have a PC show for Kristin.

I have a Mandolin as well, but I just don't use it. I do if I have a really big job (like grating zucchini or something like that), but for smaller jobs, I just use a knife.

How are you loving all of your new PC cookware? We sure are loving ours! (Even if I don't post about it. LOL)