Thursday, July 17, 2008

That was LOUD!

Today after lunch, we were just having some down time before taking Ian to his Lego class. Kyra was watching Dora and all of a sudden, the smoke alarm went off. I guess I've never been in the house when Rich has tested them, but was it ever LOUD! Needless to say, even though it only went off for maybe a maximum of 10 seconds, I was sufficiently freaked out. After checking every possible square foot of the house for any trace of smoke, I decided to check the detector itself. I think it's mysterious discharge was its final parting shot. It does not respond at all when tested. Of course, now Kyra is very leerie of the smoke detectors. She clung to me for a good half hour after and reminded me that the alarm went off and it was "verwy verwy verwy scarwy!" (and once again, all this occurs when Rich is out of town!)


Margie said...

Aww, poor Kyra and poor Mommy!

Jess said...

thankfully you found out the alarm was on the outs before something serious happened! but isn't that always the way.... when your husbandry isn't there? :) sorry about the cardio workout when you weren't even at the gym!!!