Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some pictures from the long weekend

Well, it was a very busy weekend and I can't say that I ever want to be in a car for that long again for a good while. Now that Kyra is fully potty trained, there's even more stops in between making for close to a 6-hour trip one way. We are home now - physically and mentally exhausted. Here are some pictures from the weekend though:

Kyra enjoying the 4th of July cookout at Grandma Pokey & Grandpa Tiger's house

Ian and my nephews chilling out after playing "running bases" most of the day

Swimming at the hotel after a long day was a great way for the kids to unwind before bedtime. I just love Kyra's expression in this one


On our last night, Kyra got "brave" and attempted to swim all by herself. I swear she is smiling while she is partially submerged as she was so proud of herself.

And, to appease Ms. Arlyn, here is a picture of me. No visit "home" would be complete without a visit with my two best friends from high school.


scrapper al said...

Hey, was I complaining about too many kid pics? Not me! Good to see you Becca!

Mandi Miller said...

wow, you look fabulous in that picture. Check out those BUFF arms and biceps! whoo hoo! you go girl!!! Such an inspiration!!!!

Great family pics too! :)