Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am crushed!

Aside from my husband, the only other long-term committment I have ever attempted to make would be that of the one with my hairdresser. So, when we moved here and I found Michael, I was happy as a clam. The man just knows hair and what to do with it. Since I am basically fashion-impaired, I would just like someone to take my hair and just know what will look good on me. Michael fit the bill to a T!

Imagine my surprise when we came home today to a nice stack of mail. As I sorted through, I came across an envelope from my hair salon. ACK! Michael is leaving me!!!! Seriously, I am ready to cry here. I know a couple of the other stylists at the salon but do I trust them with my hair? The thought of trying to find a compatible stylist is seriously leaving me in hives!

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Margie said...

I got the same letter and I am so sorry for your loss. Don't worry my stylist will be leaving at some point for maternity leave and I haven't even dared ask her if she plans on coming back!