Monday, July 28, 2008

A Big League Weekend

Wow! That was a busy weekend! It began with Relay for Life on Friday night. It was very tiring, but I am so glad to have been able to participate. Of course, I spent most of Saturday recovering from the lack of sleep. Then, on Saturday evening, Ian played in his baseball league's championship game. They were playing the one team that they have not beaten all season (and said team was also undefeated). Unfortunately, they couldn't get their bats going and lost but they came in second place during the regular season and second place in the tournament and therefore got two trophies for their efforts! Rich says Ian now has more trophies than he ever received in his lifetime.

Sunday, however, was the BIG day. Ian's coach entered the team in a lottery to be able to play a game at Helfaer Field. They were selected and it was such a neat experience for everyone involved. We started at 10:00 a.m. with a caravan to Miller Park and a pre-gam tailgate party. Kyra was mesmerized by the stadium but it wasn't until we entered the gates that we realized she was looking for the "park" (i.e., slides, swings, etc.). Oh well! We had great seats overlooking left field with a great view of Bernie the Brewer who was of great assistance keeping Kyra occupied throughout the game. Rich "almost" caught a ball thrown by the Brewers left fielder but it got knocked out of his glove and into the lap of one of Ian's teammate's grandmas. The Brewers did end up losing, but we still had fun.

After the post-game/pre-game tailgate party (can you see a theme here?), we headed over to the field for warm-ups and the game. The boys were so excited and they played a great game! Ian ended up getting hit twice while at bat, grounded out (but drove in a run) and played one inning at second base where he made the final out to end the inning. They ended up winning 8-0.

So, now that I have bored you with the details, here are some pictures of the festivities:

For those of you non-Wisconsinites, this is the "world famous" Sausage Race.
(by the way, Chorizo won)

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