Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Moment of Fun in the Sun

July has finally brought some warm weather! After Kyra's nap yesterday, I decided to get industrious and finally set up my Target bargain from the end of last season. Ian kept Kyra occupied while I inflated the thing and once I was finished, the two of them could not wait to get out there! Admittedly, it is quite baby-ish for someone Ian's size, but he found ways to have fun nonetheless. Alas, the inlfated dolphin ended up biting the dust by the end of the afternoon due to an industrious collaberation of the two of them but for only $7, I couldn't really complain. Of course, they were bugging me this morning already to set it up, but considering the temperature has dropped into the low 70s with a very chilly wind, I think the sprinkler is out of the question for the day. But, here's a few more pictures of the afternoon:

Ms. Kyra in her "rainbow".

Silly big brother on the soon-to-be deflated dolphin (but it wasn't the weight that did him in!)

Have a great day, everyone!

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