Thursday, May 24, 2007

Soon it will be mine!

Ever since my viewing screen went out on my beloved Canon Powershot G3 (two weeks after the extended warrantee ended, mind you), I've been increasingly frustrated with its performance. However, with two mortgages to pay, a new camera was not in my immediate future.

After the sale of the house in Sun Prairie, Rich told me to start researching cameras and he would get one for me for Mothers Day. Boy! What a task this has been! I've gone from "what I thought I wanted" to "something completely different" and then I just couldn't make up my mind. After a lot of careful research, I decided that I would like to see the Canon Powershot G7 - easier said than done! It seems that no one or their brother carries this camera. It is a special order only. Call me crazy, but if I am going to invest $500+ in a camera, I would like to hold, feel, fondle, etc. to make sure I am in love with it before I make the true leap of faith.

Last Sunday, we ended up traveling to the northern burbs of Milwaukee to make one last attempt to find the ellusive G7 and went to Ritz Camera where I discovered the Olympus SP-550 UltraZoom. To tell you the truth, I was a little hesitant when I saw it was an Olympus, but after playing with it for a good 45 minutes (thank goodness there was a Thomas train table in the store to keep both Ian and Kyra occupied), I was amazed by how much was packed into this camera. I've been completely happy with the 4MP on my Canon, but this one is 7.4MP with an INCREDIBLE 18x optical zoom. Because I'm not at the point where an SLR is practical for my usage, this is the perfect fit for me. I just placed the order this afternoon, so hopefully it will be here soon!


Angie said...

It looks great! Be sure to post how you like it! :)

alg35536 said...

cool camera

scrapper al said...

Congratulations! Have fun with your new camera.