Monday, May 28, 2007

I need to just get over it

Yesterday, we drove back to Sun Prairie for a Memorial Day weekend BBQ with some great friends. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and the kids had a blast playing outside all day. The food was amazing (as usual) and the drinks were oh-so-refreshing. Our friends Steve & Brenda sure do know how to put on a great party!

On the way home, we decided to drive by our "old" house. I had a beautiful perennial garden at that house and I hemmed and hawed whether to take some of the plants with me - including my peony bushes. Alas, I opted to leave it there for the new owner to enjoy. We also had a beautiful arbor and white picket fence covered with a beautiful vine as well as several rose bushes that bloomed for most of the summer. Now, I fully realize that once we signed the papers, what this woman chose to do with the house was her perogative; HOWEVER, what I saw just made me physically ill! All of my beautiful perennials are gone! No trace. They've been yanked out, cut down, etc. To see that arbor and fence "naked" just cut through me. I know it's not my house anymore, but I really took pride in that garden and it just breaks my heart that I didn't do more to "rescue" those plants.


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I apparently need to hook you up with my Mom, Becca! They have complained every time we pulled out and/or changed out any of the bushes and such. LOL