Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My new appreciation of hi-def TV

The blessed moment has arrived! We are now the proud owners of a 46" LCD flat screen TV which (with a few obstacles) was mounted on the wall above our fireplace last week. To say that Rich has been in techno-geek heaven is putting it mildly. My husband, who typically turns into a pumpkin after 10:00 at the latest, was up past midnight playing with remote controls, manuals and various wiring scenarios.

We rented Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire on Friday night to test it out. I must admit, I can see where this TV is going to be worth the investment; however, it was not until Saturday evening when I truly began to appreciate the wonders of HD. You see, with the DirecTV HD package, there is a special HD movie channel and on Saturday evening they were showing Top Gun. Rich asked me if I was truly going to watch it considering I can probably still recite it from memory. I told him, I was going to watch it up until my "favorite" scene and he had not a clue what it was. I told him that every girl who remembers anything about Top Gun would have to rank the sand volleyball scene as one of the most beautiful moments in film. And in hi-def, the sand volleyball scene has never looked so good!

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alg35536 said...

You weren't looking at their crocthes were you ;) lol. Yes it's a NICE sceene.