Sunday, February 4, 2007

Oddly addicting television

Superbowl Sunday was finally here! After I returned from church this morning, our TV was tuned to one form of pre-game show or another. I just never can get enought of the little storylines that go along with the big game (and, did you all catch that bit on Peyton Manning taking tango lessons?).

My mom called during the pre-game because she knew that I wouldn't pick up the phone once the game came on and she informed me that she was watching Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl III". Who was the marketing genius who came up with this one? Let's put oodles of puppies in a pen painted like a football field, throw in some random toys and fake crowd noise and film it for general viewership. However, we began cutting over to it on every pre-game commercial break. Not only was it "action packed" but they featured instant replays and "Bowl Cam" (Do I really want to see what it looks like to have a dog drinking water from underneath?) I also wonder how much they paid the guy in the referree shirt to come in for water time-outs or puppy substitutions. I do have to say the "Kitty Half Time Show" sure beat that sorry excuse for a half-time show put on by Prince. I'll take cute animals over a gender-confused, past-his-prime eighties flashback any day.

Alas, my beloved Bears choked (as they were expected to by every major sports analyst). There is always next year (especially since Bret Farve feels he hasn't thrown enough interceptions). I am happy for the Colts and Peyton, but I do certainly hope my two favorite teams never meet in the Superbowl again anytime soon.

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