Saturday, February 24, 2007

Now that was fun!

Rich has switched jobs quite a few times in the past. Each company has its own pros and cons. Unfortunately, the cons seem to pop up well after he accepts the offer for emplyment.

The last few companies he has worked for have been duds, to say the least, in terms of company activities. In fact, when he mentioned the words "Mastertaste" and "party" in the same sentence, I always cringed. It's not that I didn't appreciate the thought, but the actual "party" was usually pretty bad. For example, last year, they had to hold the company picnic on a weekday (a Friday) and pay the employees to attend! When 4:00 rolled around, the place became a ghost town! Nothing like forced "bondng" with your co-workers.

So, last October when Rich made the move to Red Arrow, he informed me that they held employee "outings" just about every month. I groaned at the thought, but it would be a good way to get to know people. So far, we've been to the Christmas party, ice skating and now last night - cosmic bowling. But what is different from past copany events that we have attended is that these employees WANT to be there! It makes such a difference in the way the evening goes.

Last night, they rented out an entire bowling alley. There was tons of food and, as we have found out quickly in this part of Wisconsin, you can't have a party where there is not free-flowing beer. So, not only was it an enjoyable night out for Rich and myself, it was also an inexpensive one. We had a blast bowling in the dark while 80s music blasted all around us. Seriously, I felt like I was back in the upstairs gym of my high school. We also had a great group of people on our lane and that made it even better.

So now I'm ready for the next Red Arrow outing. Looks like we've finally found a "winner".

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