Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My daughter, the hot dog snob

Since Kyra turned a year old, we have been dealing with allergy issues. At that time, she seemed to be allergic to wheat, milk and sometimes egg. They weren't horribly severe, but they were bad enough for us to consult an allegist. Since she was on the "low" end of the scale in terms of her reactions, he recommended we keep her diet free of wheat and dairy and then in a few months, start incorporating to see what happened. We have slowly been adding things and luckily, she seems to have outgrown the allergies for the most part.

Feeding a toddler with allergies is no easy task - especially when she is allergic to wheat. It's practically in everything under the sun! I came up with a fairly comprehensive list of all the foods she could have and it made grocery shopping a lot easier. The only brand hot dog we found she could have without breaking out into hives was Hebrew National. Now that her allergies have relented a bit, I scaled back just a bit and got beef Ball Park Franks. Will she eat them? Of course not! I have created a hot dog snob!

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