Friday, February 23, 2007

No one else thinks this is silly either

I signed Kyra up for Kindermusik classes for this spring. She's always dancing to various songs on the TV or radio, so I figured this would be an opportune time for me to "formalize" her music training. She's a little on the young side - the recommended age for the class she is in is 18 months; however, after talking with the teacher, she said that the two months wouldn't be that big a difference. I can say that after 3 classes, she's actually "getting" it. The first class, she just kind of ran around and didn't know what to think, but after a couple more classes and some practice at home, she's starting to mimic the other kids in the class. It's really a neat transformation to watch even if she still doesn't want to participate 100% of the time. It's also refreshing to be rolling around on the floor with 10 other mommies who don't find this to be silly in any regard.

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