Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Easily amazed

Last week I finally got aroudn to throwing some stuff up on eBay. I always have the best of intentions yet I somehow never quite get around to taking the pictures and getting the listings ready. Somehow the thought of saving 10 cents on my listing fees lit a fire under me and I took four quick pictures and put the stuff up for sale.

Now, I have a simple eBay philosophy: price it low and the bidders will come. As such, you will typically find that most of my auctions start at the rock bottom price of 99 cents. Sure, every once in a while I get bit and don't get as much as I anticipated, but for the most part, I find I get a "fair" price once all is said and done.

In my current lot, I listed some stamping supplies and a few punches that I have found I either don't use anymore or have found newer/better things to replace them with. One of the items was the Stampin Up ink caddy that I "had to have" when it first came out. I had a good "party" so I didn't end up paying full price for it but it still just sat for the most part taking up valuable space in my scrap room. In checking the past auctions on eBay, I found that I would be happy if I could get what most of the used ones were going for. Imagine my surprise when it closed and the final bid was only $10.00 less for what you can buy it NEW - and that doesn't include shipping. Needless to say, I am pleasantly surprised. In fact, all of my auctions ended at prices that were far better than I ever expected.

Of course, I already have my eye on some other scrapbook supplies . . .

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