Sunday, June 3, 2007

She soooo needs a nap

Kyra is beyond tired at this point. She spent two services at church today on account that I was at a meeting for Summer Serve for Children's ministry. Of course, she was only in her crib for 30 minutes when she was woken up by some sort of noise and has been crabby and fighting it ever since. It's not that I am opposed to her skipping a nap every once in a while, it's just that she is soooooo crabby right now!

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Mandi Miller said...

I understand those days!!! With twins in the church service now(since we are not putting them in the nursery anymore) it's tough! And, the worst is, I play the piano for the service and DH runs the sound. So, we have to rely on friends to keep them quiet for a portion of the service!

Anyway, wanted to thank you for reading and posting on my blog! You brightened my day with that! Makes me feel appreciated and 'interesting' to others! :)