Saturday, June 9, 2007

Kind of makes me wonder

Today I went in finally to get a haircut and summer highlights. I really hate finding a new hairdresser, but I have been going to the same guy now since December and I decided it was time to trust him with something more than a cut and my hair really needed a highlight to blend in the grey hairs that seem to be creeping their way in (albeit slowly thankfully).

Anyhow, Michael is really awesome at what he does, but today his hair was a very odd shade of orange. It was like he had tried to go for red highlights and something went terribly amiss. However, he is not the only stylist I have had to have what I would call "bad hair." Maybe it is because they spend too much time trying new "techniques" on each other, but you would think they would want to be a walking "advertisement" for their services.

Oh well, at least my hair turned out well. I dare say it is probably one of the best highlight jobs I have ever gotten.

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Betsy said...

I know what you mean! How about a pix of the new do?!