Saturday, June 30, 2007

Even a little more less of me

Well, I am photoshop challenged. I had originally wanted to post a picture of me at the end of my last cycle next to this one so you could see the progress. Thanks to God and a lot of hard work, I am now down another 18 pounds for a grand total of 34 since beginning back in April. I am now in yet another smaller size and am determined to get into the next smaller pair of jeans in my pile. When we get back from our family trip, I am going to be packing up my "too big" jeans and saying goodbye to them. I'd really love to have a bonfire, but I think I'll just take the tax deduction and send them over to Goodwill.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for you Becca!!!

May I suggest keeping one pair of your biggest jeans. That way when you get to your goal (or if you just have a really rough plateau) you can grab them, try them on, and realize how far you have come!

I have a pair of size 26 capris in my stash with the seams ripping out of the legs. They were my favorites when I started this journey nearly 50 pounds ago!

Angie said...

Wow!!! Great job!!!

Betsy said...

Keep it up girl!!