Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Birthday Boy

Ian turned 10 on Thursday and while it's hard for me to believe that he is already a decade old, we sure had fun celebrating. In fact, the celebration stretched over two days (three if you count the sleep-over) since we wanted max time to celebrate his birthday dinner at Red Robin.

Here are some pictures of the birthday boy:

Call the fire department! 10 candles this year! Lucky I had enough. And the Culver's Cookie Dough Craving Concrete Mixer Ice Cream Cake hit the spot!

Kyra began "negotiating" with Ian from the minute we picked him up from school to be allowed to "help him" open his presents. Ian was a really good sport about it though Kyra didn't quite understand that it was Ian's birthday and not hers! Also, never let Kyra see you when you are wrapping birthday gifts as she will tell what is in them before they are even opened!

One of Ian's "top" gifts was Big Brain Academy Wii Degree.

On Friday we let Ian choose the restaurant to celebrate his birthday. It's really no surprise that he chose Red Robin as it has always been his favorite restaurant. Here he is getting his birthday sundae and song.

That's all for now!

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scrapper al said...

Happy Birthday Ian!!! B, I like your tradition of allowing the birthday boy to select the restaurant for his birthday. And he's a sweet boy to let his sister help unwrap his gifts.