Sunday, February 22, 2009

"TRI"-ing again

Last year, I had such a good time running my first triathalon, the decision to do it again wasn't that difficult. In fact, my running time had improved so much since last year, I moved up in the heats and was in a quicker heat. I don't have the official results yet, but my total time was 38:35. I think it's close to 10 minutes quicker than last year.

The swim was my challenge area this year. I didn't feel as prepared for it as I did last year. I didn't want to overdo it in the first leg though and pushed at my own pace. It's really hard not to pay attention to others around you in the pool, but slow and steady wins the race I suppose. I was really glad to see that last lap sign though!

I really made up my time on the bike. I guess getting up every morning for those 5:45 spin classes does pay off! I did pretty good on my play list planning too because I only planned for two spinning songs - How Far We've Come by Matchbox 20 and This Is How A Heart Breaks by Rob Thomas. I also learned from last year and didn't bike in my running shorts so I could dry out before I put them on.

It was then off to the track. Since I've gotten to enjoy running more than any other part of the triathalon, I knew I wouldn't have a problem with the final leg. Still after swimming and biking, the legs are a bit heavy! I am just thankful to God for giving me the strength for the final push.

I also have to share this picture. Last year, just Rich came along as my counter but other kids were there to watch so we decided we would bring Ian and Kyra along to cheer. Kyra took the task of being my personal cheerleader VERY seriously. Before she went to bed last night, she had to find her pompoms and instructed that she would need to wear her "cheerleader costume". She did a great job but her favorite part by far was the complimentary refreshment table! Hooray for bananas, apples, bagels & cookies!

All in all, I am very pleased. I definitely have some areas to improve upon for next year and now it's time to prepare for the next event . . .


Margie said...

Girl, when it comes to exercise you are one of my heros. Great job today my friend!

Angie said...

How fabulous!!! Congratulations on doing better this year, and kudos on the hard work!