Sunday, January 4, 2009

Photo of the Week - January 4, 2009

Some of my friends on Lifetime Moments are doing a "Photo of the Day" blog but that's just too much of a commitment for me! Anyhow, I really like the idea of having an album at the end of the year of some of my favorite shots of the year. So, I thought I could certainly do a "Photo of the Week". This is my first for this year. It pretty much says everything that I've ever thought it would be like to have a little girl of my own one day. As you can see, Kyra is very into playing "dress up". Isn't she stylish?

I'll try to post my picture every Sunday. (keep me honest!)


Margie said...

Very cute!

Becca L. said...

What are you doing up at 5:20? crazy girl! If you are up that early, you should meet me at the gym!

Angie said...

I am also doing the Project 365 - although I'm thinking about doing one post a week on my regular blog with seven pictures, rather than to post them each day (though I will still take them every day).

Cute photo!!!