Thursday, June 26, 2008

The shelves - they are a-changing

Ok, forgive my failed attempt at a title. I was shopping with Kyra today at Shopko while Ian was at skateboard camp. They have their summer patio stuff on clearance already and I noticed they are starting to put up the aisles for school supplies. It seems hard to believe that Ian has been out of school for almost a month already. June has just flown by for us.

After finishing up at Shopko (and the Dollar Store - because you know you can't distract little Miss You-Know-Who from that toddler paradise!), we headed over to Hobby Lobby because they had some wall hangings on sale that I want for the newly painted bathroom. Kyra made the comment as soon as we entered "Where are the Christmas trees?" She got great joy from the Christmas tree display there last year. I told her that it was too early for the trees but as I walked a couple of aisles in, I noticed they are already stocking the shelves with ornaments! This is JUNE, people!


Angie said...

Isn't it crazy how they clearance stuff so early though? I mean, seriously -- summer only officially started like a week ago! (Although, it did help us to get $46 off of our patio set that we bought today.)

And, really -- Christmas ornaments already? What the heck???

Margie said...

Ahh yes, Christmas in July, how commercial are we.