Thursday, June 12, 2008

That little girl makes me laugh!

Ian received a CD of Veggie Rocks! for knowing all of his Bible verses for the year in Sunday school. It's been a big hit with both kids and has now replaced Curious George as our most often listened to CD in the car (even though some of it's a little "hard core" for me). One of their favorites is "Promised Land".

Anyhow, after returning from running errands today, Kyra was playing in the living room. She got on her pink and purple car, looked at me, waved and said "See you later! I'm going to the promised land!" and promptly scooted away. This is one of those moments I will truly treasure!

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Margie said...

Ha! My Aidan is very into the version of Stand on that CD. What has B taught my children!