Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday at the zoo

We decided to take a drive to the Milwaukee Zoo this afternoon. Surely the blue sky indicated that the forecasters were clearly wrong about the scattered thunderstorms! We packed a picnic lunch and set off after church. We had just started out and entered the reptile house when the first "cloud burst" came. Luckily, we were inside for most of it. It did clear up but we were caught in a massive downpour on the way back to the parking lot. Here's a few pictures from today:

The Princess & Her Daddy

One of the highlights of Ian's day was riding a camel named "Omar".

Ian & Daddy on the train right before the storm.

Amazingly, I actually got a shot of Kyra both smiling and looking somewhat at the camera. I'll have to practice with photoshop to get rid of the choclate cookie crumbs on her face!

Never smile at a crocodile! (actually, it's a Chinese alligator)

Yes, it's just an elephant, but I really like the detail that I got with the camera. I also took some close up pictures of his trunk, tusks and toes that came out great!

Thanks for looking!


scrapper al said...

Everyone looks like they had a great time. Where's a pic of you???

Angie said...

Wow -- looks like a lot of fun! The last time we went to the zoo, it was raining as well. Of course, it was also cold, but we went with KimB's family (to the Saint Louis Zoo), so we all had fun anyway!