Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A spoonful of sugar does not help the medicine go down

Yesterday after Bible study, I walked over to childcare only to find Kyra in the hallway with one of the caregivers and she was inconsolable. It was a different kind of inconsolable than a "she took my toy" or "I don't want to share" 2-year-old inconsolable moment though. I took her home and sure enough within 15 minutes of being home, the "ick" has hit our house (again).

When I can get medicine in the poor child, she is in very good spirits. Unfortunately, she is getting wise to my medicinal deceptions (although blending it with her applesauce worked last night). So, today before nap, I attempted to give her small baby spoonfuls and alternating with M&Ms. Although a good idea in mom theory, little missy wasn't buying that plan either. She now just looks at me and puts her hand over her mouth. If anyone has some sort of brilliant suggestion on how to get Tylenol into the system of a 2-year-old, please help!

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Angie said...

No good advice at all. When we have had that kind of situation at our house, it gets very ugly and involves things looking like wrestling moves.