Thursday, March 6, 2008

Safety in numbers

I am mentally drained this afternoon. Last week, I wrote about how Kyra has definitely hit the terrible twos in stride. Today, we have hit an all new level of two-ness. We hosted our weekly playgroup today and all morning, she was excited that her friends were coming over. Heck, she was waiting by the window at the front door at 7:30! Of course, then said friends came over and I guess in Kyra's mind, having friends over does not mean that you have to share your toys with them! Needless to say, she spent most, if not all, of the two hours in hysterics and temper tantrum. Even after attempting several "time outs", she could not be calmed down so I left her to cry/kick/scream it out for herself.

I sure am glad my mommy friends were here because I seriously was ready to trhow her outside. Thanks to Misses M., J., M., N., T., and T. for keeping me sane this morning despite the circumstances! They keep telling me that this, too, shall pass, but I'm still trying to find my sea legs on this adventure!

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Margie said...

Yes, Ma'am this too shall pass. I promise.