Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jack is Back!!!!!

Ok, so my favortie show of recent years FINALLY premiered tonight - 24. I admit that when the show first came on I may have watched only because I longed for the Keifer Sutherland of The Lost Boys days, but I was soon hooked. This man makes MacGuyver look like an amateur! I mean, tonight the guy just steps off the slow boat to China after a 2-year stint in a Chinese prison camp, is transferred into the awaiting hands of a terrorist intent on killing him, gets tortured and stabbed and yet still manages to drive across LA to save the only link to peace, escape as said house is being bombed and push a suicide bomber from a moving subway car - all in the first two hours of what will become his busy day! Oh, did I mention he also hotwired a car that conveniently had a cell phone with GPS waiting for him to use?

I know these shows more than stretch the limits of "reality" but I still continue to watch them as any addict would. All I know is that I would seriously need a nap after those two hours!

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alg35536 said...

I l ove this show. He does kick some serious butt deosnt' he. I wonder if he's a Packer fan;)