Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fat lady bathing suits have come a long way

Alas, the time has come when I must begin in earnest to find a bathing suit that will actually look decent on my body type. I love when Oprah (or some other show) will have these fashion shows about finding the perfect suit for your body type, but they never seem to show the perfect fit for the "average height, white-as-a-ghost, big-boobed, flappy underarm, cottage cheese turkey thighed" woman. So, I guess for now I will continue to just pick and choose from the rack and pray I don't pass out from fright when I try them on.

Anyhow, we are headed to the Dells this weekend for Ian's birthday. Now given my past experiences at water parks, I know that I am being overly critical of myself. I think I might actually try an experiment this time around and take pictures of people for a "What Not To Wear" layout. A good friend of mine once told me that her greatest nightmare was being a "butt" on the evening news (you know, the stories about obesity - they never show faces, just butts of people holding triple scoop ice cream cones in their hands?). I guess I am just trying my best not to be the person that everyone is secretly snickering at.

Trying to find a swimsuit in the middle of a Wisconsin winter is often like trying to find Waldo in one of those Where's Waldo books, but since we are only a few short months from spring break, stores are starting to bring them out of hibernation. I really like the fact that the plus-sized bathing suits are no longer the obligatory big floral patterns with the larger than life skirt. In fact, there are now shorts, skirts, "tankinis" and any number of endless combinations to choose from. What's better is that they are in SOLID colors! If I could just find the courage to try one on!

I guess in the end though, it's not really about what I look like (because I'm not going to be the one in the pictures), but rather the fun that we are going to have with our kids - and they're not going to care one bit about my cottage cheese thighs!

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