Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Rock Looks Nice

I will start off by saying it is a good thing that little Miss Kyra is only three and her cuteness saves her many times over because that child has taken to blurting out inappropriate commentary only because she does not know any better. For example, last week we were at a store when a rather large gentleman came in as we were exiting. Before I knew it, Kyra exclaims, "Whoa! You're BIG!" I immediately corrected her and told her that it was impolite. I really don't think the gentleman was paying attention as he was already in the store as I turned to apologize.

Of course, there are times when I am at a total loss for words and that time happened to me today. We went to the pet store with Mel to get some more dog food. It's somewhat of a challenge to corral both Kyra and Mel without knocking over displays, etc., but we managed to make it through the store fairly unscathed (and without any puppy "accidents" either). As I was wrangling the two to the cash register and trying to keep my eyes on Kyra while keeping Mel away from the dog treats (why do they put those things unwrapped at a dog's level?), I heard a someone ask me which of the two was easier to handle - the two-legged or the four-legged child (given Kyra's temperament these days, I might opt for the latter). Now, realize I wasn't really looking up and the voice was clearly a very deep voice. But when I looked up, I realized it was a "lady." Now, I am not a stranger to transgender folk; however, you can imagine how strange this might appear to say, your average, ordinary three-year old who cannot let things go. Yep, before I could put my hand in front of her mouth, out comes "You sure sound different!" Yes, if they made those hermit crab rocks in adult sizes, I surely would have been under it. I really need to get some "if you can't say something nice . . ." lessons working with that child!


Margie said...

You are a brave soul taking child and dog to the pet store. Alex has never travelled to the pet store and never will poor baby. Too much work for me. You are hilarious Miss B.

Jess said...

don't you wish they made mommy duct tape for public situations such as this? :)