Friday, June 5, 2009

How Do You Say Thank You?

Given that we are now two months in to dog ownership and life as we know it pre-Mel will never be the same, we can say that she is a wonderful dog yet she still has some strange habits! One has developed most recently and that would be her fetish with June bugs!

Now, ever since the time my Mom told me the story of her friend, a pizza deliver man and the june bugs, I have had a dreaded fear of June bugs (although not to be matched by my much later developed irrational fear of kidney beans). They are just plain creepy bugs. They are HUGE, they buzz around your head and are not one of our Lord's more beautiful creations (to that end, I am sure that June bugs do serve a higher purpose other than to just creep me out; I just wish they wouldn't buzz by my head). Back to my story . . .

We have taken to calling Mel the "slink" because she can slink about of just about anywhere given enough time to ponder the situation. So, when returning from work in the late evenings, I always put the porch light on to keep an eye on her. Needless to say, this attracts my least favorite insect. And guess just who has taken to making these her new playmates? Yes, nothing says love just like a regurgitated june bug still struggling to crawl and fly. It's a good think I have a husband to chase these things down!

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