Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A few weeks ago, I wrote about re-reading Where The Red Fern Grows. The more time I spend with Mel, the more I think she is just like what Little Anne was like (ok, maybe not quite as smart, but she's definitely got the personality).

We know Mel has some dachsund in her but only the Lord knows her true mix. Our vet suggested maybe some beagle but I'm beginning to think she's got some sort of hound in her (she did come from a shelter in Kentucky). She definitely has the howl going on!

So, why am I musing about my pooch's mixture? Well, last night Rich and I sat down to watch 24 when we heard a ruckus coming from outside (I had just let Mel out back to do her business and sometimes it takes "a while"). I ran to the back and all I could see in the shadows was some sort of creature perched on our fence post and Mel circling frantically on the ground and barking like we have never heard her bark before. When I initially saw the thing, I swore it was a racoon (remember, I had just read the book) and was fearful that it would come down and hurt Mel. But when Rich came with a brighter light we saw it was an extremely large cat (bigger than Mel who is only 24 pounds dripping wet). I think the cat was just as freaked out as Mel but did manage to hiss at Mel and scare her a bit. We finally got Mel into the house but she did not go quietly. No, she wanted that cat! After a rawhide bribe though, the feline encounter was soon forgotten and all is right in her world. Thank you Mel for saving us from the invading cat! :D

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