Monday, May 25, 2009

Warming Up

This weekend, we decided to head to Madison for the Madison Quarter Marathon. The whole story about why we decided to go was quite humorous. Our friends have run in the race the past few years and afterwards always have a great post-race BBQ. After talking it through, we decided to sign up and head to Mad Town. When I ended up talking to Ms. B to cordinate her watching Ian and Kyra, I found out that Mr. S & Co. didn't sign up BUT that was no reason not to have the post-race party.

So, I got to run the race "with" Rich. As you notice, I put that in quotes as he took off like a jackrabbit on steroids at the opening bullhorn. I didn't see him until the finish line. We both finished with good times. I ran in 58:51 which put me 12th out of 87 in my division and 106th amongst 624 females.

All in all, it was a nice warm up for the Bellin in three weeks and a nice half trial run!

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